David Margolin, VideoWAN
Brooklyn, New York / 917-575-3456
Live Video Streaming-Videomonitoring
Technology Transfer-Design Consulting
*Hosted Server Software for Video Streaming/Monitoring
*Cellular Transmission for Video Streaming/Monitoring
*Cost-Effective IP Camera/Encoder Integrations
*Business Models With High Profit Margin/Recurring Revenue
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Live Video Streaming Hosted Software
*h.264 Video Transcoded to Flash/HTML5, Plus AAC Audio
*Hosted on Your Servers or Ours/Amazon EC2-S3
*Live Internet TV Channels with Embedded Video/Audio
*Live/Stored Video Hosting Revenue for, ISPs, Telcos
*For Web Designers to Offer Embedded Live Video/Audio
*Broadcast Multiple-Unicast, Scalable to Any Size
Live Broadcast Cellular Systems

Camcorder...............h.264/AAC Encoder........Cellular USB Router....USB Modem
To Any Browser, Any Device

Click on the Links Below to Download PDF Diagrams
VideoWAN Hosted Video Streaming/Monitoring Server PDF
VideoWAN Low-Bandwidth Stream/High-Res. Record PDF
VideoWAN IP Camera/Encoder Wireless Input/Output PDF
VideoWAN PIR/RF Cellular Interface PDF
VideoWAN Waterproof Cellular USB Router/Modem PDF
VideoWAN 360 Degree PIR/PTZ System PDF
VideoWAN Video/SCADA System PDF
Link to Videomonitoring/Cellular Briefcase Integration
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Experimental Program of Policewomen on Patrol NYC 74'
Frezzolini Inventor of the 16mm TV News Camera 74'
Rosko Rock DJ WQIV NYC 74'
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Long-Range Passive-Infrared Sensor Link

Sensor PDF Download Link
Battery, Solar, Sensor-Triggered Lights

Link to Light Sensor Video
Z80 Machine Coder Prototype

Link to Z80 Video on YouTube
Z80 Manual PDF Download Link
Z80 Explanation PDF Download
Covid-19 Health Monitoring Project

Body Temp, Pulse, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure
Smartphone Android/IOS App
Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT, CAT-M1
AI-Based Centralized Data Analysis
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